Why Choose a Local Accountancy Firm in Milton Keynes?

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Choosing an accountant for your small business can be challenging at times; finding one that suits your needs, the cost of hiring, the location. There are many factors to consider when finding the right accountant.

Overlooking the local accountancy firm and opting for a larger, high street company or bank is a common mistake. If you are searching for an accountant, here are a few reasons as to why a local accountancy firm may be a better option for you.

Not Just A Number

When you work with a local accountancy firm, you are one of just a handful of clients. Small accountancy firms rely on the few customers they can accommodate at a time, and they want them to stay loyal. Building a relationship with their clients allows for a smaller accountancy firm to devote more face-time to each individual. The advice that is given will be integral and with the best interests of the business taken into consideration.

Employees Benefit

With a smaller number of accountants and staff members working in a local firm, clients and employees alike interact and work closely with the partners of the company. Having a close relationship with the boss or being involved in decision making process encourages the employees to work harder, leading to a more successful service delivered. All of which results in a happy customer.


Unlike larger accountancy firms, local firms are willing to adapt to the needs of each individual client. If there is a service that you require, they are willing to negotiate to suit the client. Moreover, the combination of a close relationship and flexibility in these services allows for an SME to benefit fully in their finances.

How To Find A Small Accountancy Firm

When hiring a local accounting firm, word of mouth is key. Ask some friends, or other small business owners you know in Milton Keynes and consider hiring their accountant.

Don’t just settle for the first accountant you come across though, interview a few. Ask them questions to find out how suited they are for your SME.

Ask about qualifications and credentials or if they belong to an accountancy body. An accountant doesn’t need to cost the world either. When interviewing accountants, always ask how much it would cost for their services.

If your business is based in Milton Keynes and you would like expert financial advice, contact Aston Black today.

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